Audio Geek Talk....a couple of seriously good plugins that I've found for mixing.

I've been off of the road for a second and have been working on mixing a couple of projects.  Often, things are rushed (as is the music/film industry in general) when I get asked to mix a project, and I don't have a lot of time to fuss around with new gear in my setup.  However, I've had some extra time on these last projects to mess with a couple of new plugins (to me, at least), and I'd like to mention my new favorites here.


1.  ValhallaRoom by Valhalla DSP -

ValhallaRoom is a stereo algorithmic reverb, as are many other plugins and hardware boxes... I've always preferred convolution reverbs working in the box, as they sound more natural and spacious to my ear than most of the algo verb plugins.  ValhallaRoom has changed that for me.  I don't care what type of programming and whatever went into the design of this sounds incredible.  There are rooms, plates, halls, gated stuff, etc, etc, an extremely easy user interface, low dsp taxation, great presets, and, most importantly, a deep and extremely musical sound on almost any setting that has made it my favorite verb plugin so far.  Best of all, it's only $50.  Check it out...


2.  UBK-1 Movement Generator by Kush Audio -

Gregory Scott, the man responsible for Kush Audio, has made analog goodness happen in the digital world.  This is a saturation/compression plugin that is based on his popular UBK Fatso hardware unit.  I would go into detail, but Gregory has put up a a series of videos that explain it better than I ever could.  They're here:!ubk-videos/cwaa  I've heard and used a lot of the "best" compressor plugins, and most of them seem to be a poor and life-sucking comparison to the better hardware compressors that I've used.  The UBK-1 is waaaaay different.


I'm still hacking away, and there is more to come here, but check out these two if you haven't already.  Trust me....they're great!