Jordon was born and raised in Frankfort, KY...his homeland.  He has also lived in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX.  He studied music and audio production earlier on with some really helpful and loving people, and has taken that knowledge into a busy career of touring and studio endeavors.  These endeavors range from nearly 2,000 shows as a live drummer to session drumming, band tracking, live mixing, music mixing, film mixing, production, sound design, and audio restoration. 

Jordon has recorded and/or performed on stage with the following artists:

Ben Sollee, Lonnie Holley, Margo Valiante, Stirfry Musette, Geron Hoy, Justin Paul Lewis, Jeri Katherine Howell, The Downtown County Band, Mother Falcon, David Wax Museum, Time For Three, Alanna Fugate, Peter Rowan, Steve Forbert, Mariana Bell, The Louisville Orchestra, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Louisville Ballet, Jessie Torissi, Brave Julius, John Jorgenson Quintet, Don and Carmen Rodgers, Matt DelRossi, Najeeb Sabour, Carley Wolf, Ukemi, Pathos, Atomic Sandbox Theory, Triceratops Jackson, KBE Quartet, Sara Day Evans, The Original G's Us, KMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble, EKU Jazz Ensemble

Side musicians or session players:

Kyle Keggereis, Casey Driessen, Zach Brock, Alana Rocklin, Carl Broemel, Luke Reynolds, Phoebe Hunt, Jon Estes, Marshall Ruffin, Jeff Ellis, Jaret Ellis, Ben Griffith, Kelly May, Etan Sekons, Kyle Clayton, Jacob Duncan, Scott Moore, Marcus Brothwell, Rudolph David, Jonathan Keeler, Laura Keeler, Cheyenne Marie Mize, Joanna Hay, Molly Rogers, Kurt Rivett, Avi Bortnick


Kevin Ratterman, Alan Parsons, Alan Shacklock, Duane Lundy, Rich Brotherton, Randy Miller, Ben Sollee